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No Particularssort descending Name Designation Date
91 Competition Requirements under Indian Procurement Laws Sandeep Verma Director (Planning and coordination), Dept. of Defense Production, Ministry of Defense 08/12/2010
92 Competition; Procurement and Competition Compliance Anil Kumar Bhardwaj Adviser 29/08/2016
93 Corporate Governance 23/11/2005
94 Corporate Governance: Legal and Institutional Framework Mr Vinod Dhall Member and Actg Chairman CCI 25/11/2007
95 Detection and Prevention of Bid Rigging - Provisions of Competition Act 2002 Manoj Pandey Director (Anti-trust Division) 14/03/2012
96 Early Days: The impact of India’s New Merger Regulations K.K. Sharma Advisor(Law) & former Director General, CCI 04/03/2010
97 Economics of Competition Law Mr Amitabh Kumar Director General , CCI 08/10/2005
98 Economies (Efficiencies) - An Essential Consideration in Merger Analysis Kaushal Sharma Shankar Singham and Sriraj Venkatasamy 01/02/2011
99 Enforcing Section 3 (Anti-competitive Agreements) : Experiences of CCI P.K. Singh Advisor (Law), CCI 16/09/2011
100 Enterprises and Competition Law and Policy Mr Vinod Dhall Member & Acting Chairman CCI 23/10/2007


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