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No Particularssort descending Name Designation Date
61 Competition and Competitiveness Prof V.K. Kaul Deptt. of Business Economics 26/02/2009
62 Competition and Competitiveness in the growing Indian market Mr Vinod Dhall Member , CCI 18/08/2006
63 Competition and Regulation K. K. Sharma Advisor (Law) , CCI 09/01/2009
64 Competition and Regulation K.K. Sharma Advisor(Law) & former Director General, CCI 30/01/2009
65 Competition and Regulation K. K. Sharma Advisor (Law) , CCI 30/01/2009
66 Competition and Regulation: Interface Issues Dr S K Sarkar The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) 17/11/2006
67 Competition and Road Transport Sector Dhanendra Kumar Chairman , CCI 01/08/2010
68 Competition Assessment and Competition Compliance - Building a Competition Ecosystem Anil Kumar Bhardwaj Adviser 21/09/2016
69 Competition Assessment of Legislation/Policies Anil Kumar Bhardwaj Adviser 01/09/2016
70 Competition Compliance Rajinder Kumar Deputy Director (Eco) 14/03/2012


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