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No Particulars Name Designation Date
31 Competition Requirements under Indian Procurement Laws Sandeep Verma 14/03/2012
32 Enforcing Section 3 (Anti-competitive Agreements) : Experiences of CCI P.K. Singh Advisor (Law), CCI 16/09/2011
33 Role and Functions of the CCI Rajinder Kumar Deputy Director (Eco.), CCI 16/09/2011
34 Evolution and Future of Indian Competition Law K.K. Sharma Advisor (Merger Control), CCI 16/07/2011
35 SSNIP Test: A Useful Tool, Not A Panacea K.K. Sharma Advisor (Merger Control), CCI 30/06/2011
36 India FDI Forum 2011: New Combination Regulations of India K.K. Sharma Advisor (Merger Control), CCI 31/05/2011
37 New Merger Control Regime of India K.K. Sharma Advisor(Law) & former Director General, CCI 08/03/2011
38 Economies (Efficiencies) - An Essential Consideration in Merger Analysis Kaushal Sharma Shankar Singham and Sriraj Venkatasamy 01/02/2011
39 Collusion in Procurement Gautam Guha Director General of Audit, CAG 08/12/2010
40 Experiences of 3G Spectrum Auction and Reforms in Public Procurement J.S. Deepak Joint Secretary, Ministry of Commerce 08/12/2010


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