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No Particulars Name Designation Date
141 Overview of Competition Policy and Law Mr Vinod Dhall Member , CCI 23/01/2007
142 Workshop on Investigation Methodology and Procedures Sunil Barthwal Director , CCI 14/01/2007
143 Competition Act and Role of Cost Accountants Mr Vinod Dhall Member , CCI 12/01/2007
144 Anti-competitive Agreements Mr G R Bhatia Additional Director General , CCI 04/01/2007
145 Abuse of Dominance and Combinations Mr Augustine Peter Economic Adviser , CCI 04/01/2007
146 Sector Regulators and Competition Commission Mr M R Madhavan PRS Legislative Research Centre for Policy Research 01/12/2006
147 Anti Competitive Agreements Mr Amitabh Kumar Director General , CCI 17/11/2006
148 Abuse of Dominance and Combination Mr Augustine Peter Economic Adviser , CCI 17/11/2006
149 Competition and Regulation: Interface Issues Dr S K Sarkar The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) 17/11/2006
150 Cartels and other Ani-competitive Agreements Mr Vinod Dhall Member , CCI 04/11/2006


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