Competition Advocacy is one of the main pillars of modern competition law which aims at creating, expanding and strengthening awareness of competition in the market. Section 49 of the Competition Act, 2002 mandates the CCI to undertake advocacy for promoting competition.
  Section 49:
"The Central Government may, in formulating a policy on competition (including review of laws related to competition) or any other matter, and a State Government may, in formulating a policy on competition or on any other matter, as the case may be, make a reference to the Commission for its opinion on possible effect of such policy on competition and on the receipt of such a reference, the Commission shall, within sixty days of making such reference, give its opinion to the Central Government, or the State Government, as the case may be, which may thereafter take further action as it deems fit.
The opinion given by the Commission under sub-section (1) shall not be binding upon the Central Government or the State Government, as the case may be in formulating such policy.
The Commission shall take suitable measures for the promotion of competition advocacy, creating awareness and imparting training about competition issues."

The CCI has taken up competition advocacy efforts simultaneously with the Central Government and State governments, besides undertaking advocacy with the other stakeholders such as the business chambers, consumer activists/associations, academic institutions and statutory bodies of professionals such as lawyers, chartered accountants, cost accountants and company secretaries.