Competition Law and CCI can help government and government bodies by:  

  • Creating awareness among various levels of Government Officers to harmful effects of anti-competitive measures adopted by suppliers, manufacturers etc.
  • Helping identifying areas where bid-rigging, cartelization or abuse of dominance may be taking place more often.
  • Helping in protection of small enterprises, self-employed and micro-retailers against abuse of dominance by bigger enterprises.
  • Creating positive effect on wages, working conditions and workers' welfare as a result of increase in allocative efficiencies arising in labour market.
  • Familiarizing with the legal remedies available in competition law.
  • Helping them develop competition compliance programs.
  • Providing competition advise in framing policies which are competition compliant.
  • Creating a healthy image of country's economic and commercial policies to the world.

Nodal Officers for Competition Advocacy in the Central and State Government