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Notice(s) decided during 2014:

Registration No. 
Notice Description
 Date of Order      
 C-2014/12/234 Notice given by TPG Asia SF VI Private Limited and Manipal Health Enterprises Private Limited   Approved  15/01/2015
 C-2014/12/228 Notice given by HBL Global Private Limited, Atlas Documentary Facilitators Company Private Limited and HDB Financial Services Limited   Approved  12/01/2015
 C-2014/11/222 Notice given by Wipro GE Healthcare Private Limited, Mr. S. Ganeshprasad, Mr. Kiran Thadimarri & Mr. R. R. Balaji   Approved  12/01/2015
 C-2014/10/219 Notice given by VISCAS Corporation.   Approved  12/01/2015
 C-2014/11/226 Notice given by Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Limited   Approved  30/12/2014
 C-2014/11/224 Notice given by Varun Beverages Ltd.   Approved  29/12/2014
 C-2014/11/223 Notice given by Globalfoundries U.S. Inc.   Approved  23/12/2014
 C-2014/07/188 Notice given by Novartis AG and GlaxoSmithKline plc   Approved  12/12/2014
 C-2014/08/198 Notice given by Prime Focus Limited and Reliance MediaWorks Limited.   Approved  08/12/2014
 C-2014/10/217 Notice given by Indian Express Newspapers (Mumbai) Private Limited and Pune Infoport Private Limited   Approved  05/12/2014
 C-2014/10/214 Notice given by Essex Development Investments (Mauritius) Limited   Approved  05/12/2014
 C-2014/05/170 Notice given by Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited and Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited   Approved with Modification  05/12/2014
 C-2014/07/193 Notice given by Huhtamaki PPL Ltd.   Approved 20/11/2014
 C-2014/10/216 Notice given by Kotak Mahindra Asset Management Company Limited and Kotak Mahindra Trustee Company Limited   Approved 20/11/2014
 C-2014/08/202 Notice given by New Moon B.V.   Approved 10/11/2014
 C-2014/09/210 Notice given by The Coca-Cola Company and New Laser Corporation   Approved 10/11/2014
 C-2014/09/213 Notice given by Panasonic Holding (Netherlands) B.V., Panasonic Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. and Panasonic Corporation, Japan   Approved 05/11/2014
 C-2014/09/211 Notice given by Shree Cement Limited   Approved 03/11/2014
 C-2014/09/206 Notice given by Fujitsu Limited, Panasonic Corporation and Development Bank of Japan Inc.   Approved 27/10/2014
 C-2014/08/205 Notice given by Adani Power Limited   Approved 24/10/2014
 C-2014/09/209 Notice given by Airbus Services Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.; and Singapore Airlines Limited   Approved 20/10/2014
 C-2014/08/200 Notice given by Boeing Singapore Pte Ltd and SIA Engineering Company Limited   Approved 17/10/2014
 C-2014/09/208 Notice given by Life Healthcare International Proprietary Limited   Approved 13/10/2014
 Order under Section 38   Order 21/10/2014
 C-2014/09/207 Notice given by Highdell Investment Limited.   Approved 13/10/2014
 C-2014/08/203 Notice given by L & T Technology Services Limited and Dell International Services India Private Limited  Approved 1/10/2014
 C-2014/04/164 Notice given by MIAL, IOCL, BPCL, HPCL & MAFFFL  Approved 29/09/2014
 C-2014/08/204 Notice given by JSW Steel Limited  Approved 23/09/2014
 C-2014/07/196 Notice given by INEOS Styrolution Holding Gmbh  Approved 23/09/2014
 C-2014/08/201 Notice given by Beckman Coulter, Inc. and Beckman Coulter India Private Limited  Approved 16/09/2014
 C-2014/07/192 Notice given by Alpha TC Holdings Pte Limited; and Tata Capital Growth Fund I  Approved 09/09/2014
 C-2014/08/197 Notice given by Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd  Approved 04/09/2014
 C-2014/06/181 Notice given by Zuari Fertilisers and Chemicals Limited and Zuari Agro Chemicals Limited  Approved 04/09/2014
 C-2014/06/184 Notice given by Dunearn Investments (Mauritius) Pte. Ltd.  Approved 02/09/2014
 C-2014/08/199 Notice given by Daido Steel Co. Ltd.  Approved 27/08/2014
 C-2014/07/195 Notice given by Wipro GE Healthcare Private Limited and GE India Technology Centre Private Limited.  Approved 26/08/2014
 C-2014/07/191 Notice given by CPP Investment Board Singaporean Holdings 1 Pte. Ltd.  Approved 21/08/2014
 C-2014/07/189 Notice given by Meiji Seika Pharma Co., Ltd.  Approved 13/08/2014
 C-2014/07/194 Notice given by Sanofi-Synthelabo (India) Limited  Approved 14/08/2014
 C-2014/06/180 Notice given by Mitsubishi Hitachi Metal Machinery, Inc. and Siemens Aktiengesellschaft.  Approved 14/08/2014
 C-2014/07/187 Notice given by TPG SF VI Pte Limited  Approved 07/08/2014
 C-2014/06/183 Notice given by Bombay Stock Exchange Limited and United Stock Exchange of India Limited  Approved 30/07/2014
 C-2014/05/175 Notice given by SCM Soilfert Limited  Approved 30/07/2014
 C-2014/06/185 Notice given by InterGlobe Aviation Limited; and Caelum Investment LLC  Approved 30/07/2014
 C-2014/06/186 Notice given by Gogri & Sons Investments Private Limited, Alchemie Leasing And Financing Private Limited, Anushakti Holdings Limited, Anushakti Chemical and Drugs Limited and Aarti Industries Limited  Approved 23/07/2014
 C-2014/06/182 Notice given by Birla Sun life Trustee Company Private Limited and Birla Sun life Asset Management Company Limited.  Approved 03/07/2014
 C-2014/05/179 Notice given by Bluewater Investment Limited.  Approved 03/07/2014
 C-2014/05/178 Notice given by Mahindra and Mahindra Limited, Participatie Maatschappij Buitenland B.V and HZPC Holland B.V.  Approved 26/06/2014
 C-2014/05/173 Notice given by TCS APAC, TCS Japan, Nippon TCS Solution Center Limited and IT Frontier Corporation  Approved 26/06/2014
 C-2014/05/172 Notice given by UD Industrial Holding Pte Ltd.  Approved 25/06/2014
 C-2014/05/169 Notice given by COFCO (Hong Kong) Limited.  Approved 19/06/2014
 C-2014/05/171 Notice given by Doha Bank QSC and HSBC Oman S.A.O.G.  Approved 12/06/2014
 C-2014/04/167 Notice given by Alison Bidco S.A.R.L. and Alison Property S.A.R.L.  Approved 05/06/2014
 C-2014/04/165 Notice given by Juweel Investors Limited and Qatar Holding LLC  Approved 05/06/2014
 C-2014/04/168 Notice given by Cargill International Luxembourg 2 S.A R.L and Copersucar S.A.  Approved 03/06/2014
 C-2014/04/166 Notice given by Magna Warehousing & Distribution Pvt Ltd. and Genext Hardware & Parks Pvt. Ltd.  Approved 22/05/2014
 C-2014/03/162 Notice given by Tesco Overseas Investments Limited.  Approved 22/05/2014
 Order under Section 43 A  Order 27/05/2014
 C-2014/03/161 Notice for acquisition given by FIMI V 2012 Ltd.  Approved 15/05/2014
 C-2014/03/158 Notice given by Wilmar, SRSI & Renuka Sugars.  Approved 08/05/2014
 C-2014/04/163 Notice given by Shapoorji Pallonji & Company Limited and Khurshed Yazdi Daruvala  Approved 08/05/2014
 C-2014/03/160 Notice given by TAQA India Power Ventures Private Limited, Indo-Infra Inc. and India Infrastructure Fund-II.  Approved 01/05/2014
 C-2014/03/159 Notice given by Ruchi Soya Industries Limited .  Approved 15/04/2014
 C-2014/03/157 Notice for acquisition given by Vault Bermuda Holding Company Limited .  Approved 03/04/2014
 C-2014/02/154 Notice given by Aranda Investments Pte. Ltd and Breedens Investements Pte. Ltd.  Approved 03/04/2014
 C-2014/01/148 Notice for acquisition given by Torrent Pharmaceuticals Limited and Elder Pharmaceuticals Limited.  Approved 26/03/2014
 C-2014/02/152 Notice given by Axiall LLC  Approved 25/03/2014
 C-2014/02/155 Notice given by Lenovo Group Limited.  Approved 20/03/2014
 C-2014/02/156 Notice given by Glenmark Generics Limited, Glenmark Access Limited and Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Limited.  Approved 05/03/2014
 C-2014/02/153 Notice given by Thomas Cook (India) Limited, Thomas Cook Insurance Services (India) Limited and Sterling Holiday Resorts (India) Limited.  Approved 05/03/2014
 Order under Section 38  Order 25/03/2014
 Order under Section 43 A  Order 21/05/2014
 C-2014/02/151 Notice given by Omega TC Holdings Pte. Ltd. and Tata Capital Financial Services Limited.  Approved 05/03/2014
 C-2014/01/150 Notice given by General Electric Company.  Approved 20/02/2014
 C-2013/12/147 Notice given by SPVC NewCo Limited.  Approved 06/02/2014
 C-2013/12/144Notice given by Etihad, JPPL and Jet.
 Main Order,   Per Anurag Goel, Member (Minority Order)  
 Approved 05/02/2014
 C-2014/01/149 Notice given by HDFC Trustee Company Limited and HDFC Asset Management Company Limited.  Approved 30/01/2014
 C-2013/12/146 Notice given by Inox Air Products Limited.  Approved 30/01/2014
 Order under Section 38  Order 20/03/2014
 C-2013/10/136 Notice given by Synnex Corporation.  Approved 30/01/2014
 C-2013/12/145 Notice given by KKR Floorline Investments Pte Ltd and Gland Celcus Bio Chemicals Private Ltd.  Approved 28/01/2014
 C-2013/12/143 Notice given by Mahindra Engineering Services Limited and Tech Mahindra Limited.  Approved 07/01/2014

 Notice(s) decided during 2013

 Notice(s) decided during 2012

 Notice(s) decided during 2011