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Notice(s) decided during 2015:

Registration No. 
Notice Description
 Date of Order      
 C-2015/03/255 Notice given by Pfizer, Inc.   Approved 11/06/2015
 C-2015/04/266 Notice given by Sutlej Textiles and Industries Limited   Approved 05/06/2015
 C-2015/05/272 Notice given by Hyundai Hysco Co. Ltd. and Hyundai Steel Company   Approved 05/06/2015
 C-2015/04/269 Notice given by ATC Telecom Tower Corporation Private Limited   Approved 26/05/2015
 C-2015/03/258 Notice given by Glenville Investments Pte. Ltd. ('Glenville') and JTC Corporation ('JTC')   Approved 21/05/2015
 C-2015/04/267 Notice given by AXA India Holdings and Societe Beaujon   Approved 13/05/2015
 C-2015/03/257 Notice given by Sundaram Finance Limited and Royal Sundaram Alliance Insurance Company Limited   Approved 13/05/2015
 C-2015/02/247 Notice given by Johnson Controls, Inc.   Approved 07/05/2015
 C-2015/03/260 Notice given by Balasore Alloys Limited   Approved 07/05/2015
 C-2015/01/241 Notice given by General Electric Company,GE Industrial France SAS,Alstom, and Alstom Holdings.   Approved 05/05/2015
 C-2015/03/254 Notice given by Aalok Dilip Shanghvi & Others.   Approved 29/04/2015
 C-2015/03/259 Notice given by Ordain Health Care Global Private Limited   Approved 24/04/2015
 C-2015/03/253 Notice given by Sion Investment Holdings Pte. Limited   Approved 24/04/2015
 C-2015/04/261 Notice given by Reliance Defence Systems Private Limited   Approved 20/04/2015
 C-2015/01/239 Notice given by Denki Kagaku Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha and Mitsui & Co. Ltd   Approved 20/04/2015
 C-2015/02/246 Notice given by UltraTech Cement Limited   Approved 10/04/2015
 C-2015/02/250 Notice given by MeadWestvaco Corporation and Rock-Tenn Company  Approved 30/03/2015
 C-2014/07/190 Notice given by Holcim Limited; and Lafarge S.A  Approved with Modification  30/03/2015
 C-2015/02/251 Notice given by given by Taurus Ventures Limited and Capricorn Ventures Limited  Approved 26/03/2015
 C-2015/01/238 Notice given by Zuari Fertilisers and Chemicals Limited and Zuari Agro Chemicals Limited  Approved 26/03/2015
 C-2015/01/236 Notice given by Carnival Films Private Limited  Approved  24/03/2015
 C-2015/02/248 Notice given by Sabita Sub, Inc. and Symphony Teleca Corporation  Approved  18/03/2015
 C-2014/05/170 Order in continuation of the previous order of the Commission dated 05-12-2014 issued under Section 31(7)  Approved  17/03/2015
 Order under Section 31(7) in the Combination Notice filed by Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited and Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited  Approved with Modification 05/12/2014
 C-2015/01/243 Notice given by Caladium Investment Pte. Ltd.  Approved  05/03/2015
 C-2015/02/244 Notice given by Julius Baer Group Ltd.  Approved  05/03/2015
 C-2014/10/218 Notice given by Strides Arcolab Limited and Shasun Pharmaceuticals Limited  Approved  04/03/2015
 C-2015/01/242 Notice given by Hahn & Co. Auto Holdings Co., Ltd., and Hankook Tire Co., Ltd.  Approved  05/03/2015
 C-2014/12/235 Notice given by Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank Limited  Approved  26/02/2015
 C-2014/10/215 Notice given by ZF Friedrichshafen AG  Approved  24/02/2015
 C-2015/01/240 Notice given by CSTT Co Holdings Pte. Limited.  Approved  19/02/2015
 C-2015/02/245 Notice given by Mr. Ajay Singh  Approved  19/02/2015
 C-2014/2/231 Notice given by Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited and ING Vysya Bank Limited  Approved  12/02/2015
 C-2015/01/237 Notice given by Everstone Capital Partners II LLC  Approved  10/02/2015
 C-2014/06/181 Notice given by Zuari Fertilisers and Chemicals Limited and Zuari Agro Chemicals Limited  Approved 04/09/2014
 Order under Section 43 A  Order 10/02/2015
 C-2014/05/175 Notice given by SCM Soilfert Limited  Approved 30/07/2014
 Order under Section 43 A  Order 10/02/2015
 C-2014/09/212 Notice given by FMC Corporation  Approved  02/02/2015
 C-2014/12/227 Notice given by Quality Investment Holdings  Approved  29/01/2015
 C-2014/12/230 Notice given by JSW Energy Limited  Approved  28/01/2015
 C-2014/11/221 Notice given by Nirma Limited, Banihal Holdings Private Limited, Kargil Holdings Private Limited, Kulgam Holdings Private Limited, Leh Holdings Private Limited, Uri Holdings Private Limited, Kanak Castor Products Private Limited, Siddhi Vinayak Cement Private Limited and Aculife Healthcare Private Limited  Approved  28/01/2015
 C-2014/12/233 Notice given by Nippon Life Insurance Company.  Approved  20/01/2015
 C-2014/12/229 Notice given by Bradken Operations Pty. Limited  Approved  20/01/2015
 C-2014/12/234 Notice given by TPG Asia SF VI Private Limited and Manipal Health Enterprises Private Limited  Approved  15/01/2015
 C-2014/12/228 Notice given by HBL Global Private Limited, Atlas Documentary Facilitators Company Private Limited and HDB Financial Services Limited  Approved  12/01/2015
 C-2014/11/222 Notice given by Wipro GE Healthcare Private Limited, Mr. S. Ganeshprasad, Mr. Kiran Thadimarri & Mr. R. R. Balaji  Approved  12/01/2015
 C-2014/10/219 Notice given by VISCAS Corporation.  Approved  12/01/2015

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