Capacity Building Workshop/Training /Seminar organised at CCI


1. Second Off-site Workshop on Leadership & Team Building during 21st -23rd March 2014.
2. Fifth In-House Induction Training during 7th, 9th, 11th, 15th and 16th April 2014.
3. Training on Parliamentary Processes and Procedures at Bureau of Parliamentary Studies and Training (BPST) during 22nd -25th April 2014.
4. Workshop on Prima Facie Investigations under the EU-India Capacity Building Initiative for Trade and Development (CITD) during 15th -17th May 2014
5. Workshop on Drafting Orders in Combination Case under EU- India CITD during 19th -20th May 2014.
6. Workshop on Advocacy: Public Access to CCI Orders under EU- India CITD on 21st May 2014
7. Half day workshop on Financial Analysis on 4th July 2014.
8. Half day workshop on Constitutional & Administrative Law on 31st July 2014.
9. Workshop on Information Request And Case Analysis under EU-India CITD during 31st July- 2nd August 2014.
10. Training on Presentation and Communication Skills at Indian Institute of Public Administration (IIPA) during 27th -29th August 2014.
11. Half day workshop on Industrial Organization and Micro Economics on 15th September 2014.
12. Workshop on Competition Investigations and Merger Review in the Healthcare Industry in collaboration with United States Federal Trade Commission (USFTC) during, 22nd -24th September 2014.
13. Half day workshop on Reading and Analysis of Orders/Judgment on 10th October 2014.
14. Workshop on Competition Assessment in collaboration with Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) during 15th -16th October 2014.
15. Sixth In-House Induction Training during 29th -31st October 2014.